Exchange Your Bitcoins

Why is it profitable to exchange bitcoins for Bitcoin-Exchange?

 Today on the Internet if a lot of exchange offices offering to exchange bitcoins. However, they all offer a very low exchange rate. We decided to make an innovative service of bitcoin exchange that will be beneficial to all.

 Our team of professional traders makes hundreds of exchange transactions on various international trading platforms of cryptocurrencies, which allows you to extract a very high profit. But for effective trading, you need a large amount of bitcoins. That is why we have launched this service and can offer you a high exchange rate of bitcoins.

 If you want to convert your bitcoins (not less than 0.01 BTC) to USD at a rate higher than any exchange rate, then you just need to transfer bitcoins to the specified address and you will receive USD to your Perfect Money wallet at the rate specified below (the exchange rate is updated every three hours).

At the moment the exchange rate:

1BTC = $14781

Exchange NOW

Daily limit of exchange is not limited(Minimum 0.01 Bitcoin)

The exchange takes place in a fully automatic mode after two confirmations of your transaction by bitcoin network. Our operators monitor all operations 24/7 and in case of technical problems make payment within 1 hour. We guarantee complete security and confidentiality of all exchange transactions.